Loan against Deposit Receipt

An ideal way to maintaining liquidity while optimizing the returns of your invested funds.

Loan against Fixed Deposits is a facility offered by Maben to our members against your deposits held with us. For your liquidity requirements, avail 90% of the value of deposits held, without breaking the deposit.

You can avail a loan against the security of TDR / RD deposits.

You need not close the deposit prematurely, and can avail the loan:

  • At the branch where you maintain the deposit.
  • As an overdraft or as a demand loan.
  • For a maximum of 90% of the face value of deposit and including the interest accrued on the deposit.
  • At an interest rate linked to Deposit Rate against TD/RD deposits.
Loan / OD against Deposits  
Eligibility Term Deposit /Recurring Deposit Holder
Amount of Loan 90% of accrued value of deposit.
Margin 10% on accrued value of deposit.
Repayment * Flexible.
* Maximum up to date of maturity of deposit.
Prepayment charges Interest Rate:
2% over the contracted rate for the Term Deposit/Recurring Deposit pledged.
Security Pledge of Term Deposit/Recurring deposit Receipt.