STS Serives

We save money, basically, because we can not predict the future. Saving money can assist you to become financially independent and protect you from great future risk or uncertainty. The company Sankalp Group provide a secure saving platform to their customer in terms of One-time contribution, Monthly contribution, and Daily contribution.

One Time Contribution

As we all know that deposits are a safe investment option. Sankalp Group allows the facility of one-time deposits to their customer for making their future secure. At a lower risk and high-security, Sankalp Group offers a service of one-time contribution to their contributors.

Monthly Contribution

Saving money can assist you to become financially secure and supply a security net just in case of an emergency. Sankalp Group proffers great service for saving money to their customer. A monthly contribution is the advanced version of a one-time contribution. Sankalp Group provides the flexibility to their contributors to invest an amount of their choice each month and save money with ease.

Daily Contribution

The daily contribution is great to plan which is suitable for both rich and daily earner. In the daily contribution plan, the daily earner can easily surplus. In daily contribution, our authorized collection collector can collect the daily deposit from the contributor’s doorstep.